Last Dispatch for Christmas has passed!

Last Dispatch for Christmas
Standard / Tracked delivery – Friday 15th December
We can no longer guarantee the order will arrive on time.

This notice temporally replaces Bagsii Express 1 – 4 days, please ignore emails saying 1 – 4 days, until the 27th December 2017 when we and the postal service are back to normal.


All orders placed before the 15th will be on their way!


Text Below this point is for reference and applies up until the 15th December 2017!

Over the Christmas period pleas allow up-to 7 days for Bagsii Express and 17 – 28 days for Bagsii Value. Due to high demands not only on us, but also our shipping providers who have forewarned us.
We believe in transparency so have sent this alert to all members of Bagsii. Created a blog post and posted to our homepage.

Christmas Delivery

Bagsii Express LAST guaranteed delivery day before Christmas is 11th December 2017 14:00 hours. Please speak to us if you require a guarantee. We will let you know if we can complete it.
Bagsii Value the last day has now past! We can not guarantee Bagsii Value ranges.


Returns (un-wanted gifts)

Ask for a gift receipt before the 24th December 2017 and we will email to the verified purchaser a unique code, which can be past on with the gift, we will exchange to the value of the original purchase (excluding any discounts or shipping fee’s).

You can return any purchase as the original purchaser under the Bagsii Money Back Guarantee. Full details are here.
Reach out on our contact us page, use the live chat ore email [email protected]

-Team Bagsii