Bagsii Range

Welcome to Bagsii

We love to offer choice, value and savings. We have two core ranges. Shipping to locations all over the globe!

Bagsii Express

Products in this range are from UK warehouses and can be delivered between 1 – 4 days, we sometimes allow up to 7 but aim for 3.

Bagsii Value

Products in this range are sometimes bespoke, from small independent suppliers, or from outside the UK. These products are offered with delivery between 7 – 28 days we aim for under 15 but can’t always guarantee this.


How do I know?

All products have a Delivery Tab in the descriptions clicking on this will tell you the Bagsii Range and estimated delivery, we also attach this to the completed order so you can view this under each product. This keeps you informed and everyone happy.

Have a question?

Ask us anything in the live chat, email [email protected] or visit our Contact Us page. 

–Team Bagsii