Sell with Bagsii




What is the Bagsii Partnership?

We continue to work hard to bring our customers choice, value and savings; above all else a fantastic customer experience.   If you or your business are aligned with our core beliefs then join the Bagsii Partnership Programme.

Who can join the Bagsii Partner Programme?

We look for sellers from across a wide range of product bases to sell their products hassle free through the Bagsii Partnership Programme. All you need is to hold stock, and agree to ‘The Bagsii Way’.

How to Apply?

The first step in joining the Bagsii Partnership Programme is to complete the application form above. A member of Team Bagsii will be in-touch to commence the on-boarding process and coach you on how to use our systems.  It is a quick and painless process.

What’s in it for you…

We do not believe in charging over the top seller fees, not even payment gateway fees!  We pass on savings to our customers and our sellers are treated fairly, meaning you get more!

Your products are advertised by us across a wide range of platforms and services.  Support and guidance to customers to promote your products is provided by us and we handle all aspects of customer services.  Furthermore, payments to our Partner Sellers is protected and guaranteed.  If you’d like more detail, register above and we’ll give you a call back to discuss.